Giants Pre Season Opponents Set


The Giants will face three AFC teams with top tier QB’s in this years pre season games…they will also play The Jets.  Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Tim Te…um…Mark Sanch…um….Greg McElr….and The Jets QB.

However with the way the pre season runs these days in the NFL the only QB they will probably actually play any protracted amount of time against will be Luck and whomever The Jets trot out.  With Pittsburgh being the first game, and New England being the last we can guarantee Tom Brady might not even be in the building, let alone throw any passes.  The exciting match-up comes on a primetime affair televised on FOX between Eli Manning and Andrew Luck.  Luck is an emerging star with all the tools and in week two of the pre season he will probably play the entire first half.

Three AFC teams that the Giants don’t face again in the regular season in 2013, should make for a good opportunity to test a few things out and to get after a few QB’s with some talent….and The Jets