Giants: Victor Cruz Will Stay


There has been much speculation about whether Victor Cruz will sign a long term deal with the New York Giants, or take a year at less money and risk injury ultimately to land a big deal is some one horse town with no starting QB and no Championships…..Like Philly.

Victor is playing the game along with his agent(s) and the Giants in typical fashion are not panicking or talking publicly.  The fact that Victor went to Duke University to work out with Eli is all you need to know at this point.  He is planning on being a Giant.

The risks of injury, the risk of landing somewhere with no media attention (see Jeremy Lin). the risk of not having a top 5 QB is simply not worth a few more million a year that Victor will and has already seen in endorsements in New York.  The wealth and connections you gain by playing in New York and WINNING is worth more than any amount of money up front.  Look at Michael Strahan, Coach Coughlin, and even Brad Benson.  They are household names, they are revered in this town, and part of New York History.

Victor Cruz will benefit from staying in New York on every level as opposed to moving to Detroit, Houston, San Diego, or any other locale.  Relax Giants fans,Victor is a smart kid and will make the choice to stay for the benefit of all and make the Giants receiving corps the best in the business.

The NFL Schedule comes out on the 16th of April stay tuned to GMenHQ for instant analysis as soon as it is available.  Will it be another 6-2 start?