Giants: Next Man Up Now is Your Opportunity to Shine


Our guest writer Miss Ali Conigliaro-Hubbard checks in with her view of the Giants as they exit OTA’s and head for Mini Camp.  See all of Ali’s work on her Blog Hergame.  Thanks Ali!

I’ll keep this short.  A week ago I decided it might just be better to just keep my mouth shut on the topic of starting Giants WRs who elected not to show up for OTAs.  I think it’s been made fairly clear what I think: I am disappointed. I don’t really care that OTAs are voluntary.  Leaders should be there with their teams.  Even if they aren’t physically practicing, clear communication is key, and being there to support the unit is critical in any leadership role; be it the military, a team of doctors working on a cancer patient, a corporate team driving to deliver a product on time, or a sports team.  A team is a team, and no one man is more important than the sum of its parts.  

You know, ‘team first, team last, team always’… ALL IN is not about when it’s convenient.

But all of that aside, there is one thing I can say that is going to be a very positive outcome of this unfortunate Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks situation.  The fact is – it’s not like the Giants organization is going to just throw in the towel because a couple of guys are making what I believe to be unsportsmanlike choices…

What I AM encouraged by the that the guys who DON’T typically get practice reps with Eli and the 1st team, ARE getting those reps.  They ARE getting the opportunity to actually BE the next man up, and so no matter what happens with one guy or another before and during the season, Jerrell Jernigan, Rueben Randle, Ramses Barden, Louis Murphy, and number of other undrafted FA rookies, WILL have a chance to step up, stand out, and make an impact when we need it.

So for that reason alone, I’ve decided to say that it is what it is.  Yes, the introspective ‘coach’ in me is disappointed.  And I hope that 88 will be in mandatory camp next week, and 80 soon thereafter.  I hope that when they do come back, the drama subsides quickly so everyone can be focused and not impacted by distractions.

But for now, I’m excited for the other guys; the next in line.  Because at the end of the day, football is fleeting and unexpected things happen fast.  If you’re gonna be the next man up – you gotta be ready.  And this unfortunate set of circumstances presents an opportunity that will make all the NEXT MEN UP as ready as they can possibly be.

So go kick some butt Keith Carlos.  Take some names Louis Murphy.  Rueben on the rise!  JJ – now’s the time to show us why you were drafted.  Go make magic!