Giants add New Sponsor


The New York Football Giants have announced a new partnership with Quest Diagnostics; and no it’s not a company that checks your oil and engine trouble.  It’s a company that develops new sports diagnostic services.  The aim is to assist Quest in identifying and developing models and tests to determine peak performance, provide meaningful training insights, and analyze performance and reduce injuries.  The Giants as always are taking a step towards improving the product on the filed as well as protecting their investments in the players.  They are taking the lead in making the league a safer place. Unlike the Cowboys who just re-named Cowboys stadium AT&T park…getting reduced cell phone rates for Jerry and his family.

"The partnership was announced today at the Giants’ headquarters and training facility at the MetLife Sports Complex. The Giants headquarters and training facility is newly renamed as the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of laboratory diagnostic information services, becomes a Proud Partner in Health with the New York Giants."

The Giants will begin training camp today officially, but tomorrow on the field, at their newly named location in East Rutherford New Jersey, despite the reporting this morning on ESPN that the Giants were “Set to open camp in Albany”.  Don’t worry ESPN, we will still invite you to the parade even though you will spend the entire pre-season covering the Jets.