Giants Manage Expectations of Moore and Tuck


The Giants played a nice game the other night in Pittsburgh with a blocked punt, a long Touchdown Pass, and ZERO penalties for the starting unit.  That last part being my favorite stat.  In the game rookie Damontre Moore showed some of his athletic skills blocking the punt and being around the ball and the opposing quarterback all night.  For a rookie playing in his first NFL game, be it pre-season or not, made a nice first impression.  We all know how quickly people jump to making guys super stars in this day and age, and so now the Giants begin to manage the expectations of the media and fans.  This will not only keep the furor to a minimum, but will help the young man to develop.

“Damontre is making a lot of mistakes right now” says defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, but he is “positive” he will contribute as a rookie.  Moore will no doubt be valuable this season and going forward in his Giants career if he continues to learn and stays healthy.  There have been plenty of rookies that have relied solely on their talent and made an initial splash, but then never figured out how not to make the same mistake twice.  Guys like Lawrence Taylor missed calls and assignments, but never made the same mistake twice, and that is what led them to being great.

Justin Tuck says his back feels great and he plans on playing Sunday vs the Colts.  That’s nice, but let’s see how much, how long, and if indeed he plays Sunday night.  I know the daily media has to ask the players these questions, but the desire, or will, of the player really doesn’t play into the teams decision.  All pre-season you read articles about David Wilson wanting to return kicks, and injured players declaring themselves ready to go. Not your decision son….concentrate on what we need you to do and the organization will figure out the rest.