Giants Antrel Rolle Injury Update


As reported yesterday, the unquestioned leader of the Giants rolled his right ankle on a play down the field against Bear Pascoe. Looked and sounded bad with pictures surfacing of Antrel on the cart almost immediately following. Word came down that it is a sprain, but the Giants are not sure how long he will be out just yet.

The length of time Rolle will miss will certainly depend on where in the ankle the sprain is. If it is in the lower half, we can see him back in 1-2 weeks. High ankle sprains are much more difficult to deal with and that may take months. Good news though, Giants are pretty sure its not high up on the ankle.  MRI should be coming today.

Now if you ever played a sport, the leader of any team can still lead while injured, but it is on the field that they show their true leadership skills. The Giants as awhole have been looking for that vocal leader for a few years and it was Rolle that showed up with his voice and his pads. As a leader, the player  must be able to set examples with their play on the field, or all of that motivational talk may just fall by the wayside.

One thing about Rolle however, he can play through a little ding here and there. Two torn rotator cuffs are not an issue. Neither is a  “severely” bruised knee. He comes to play year in and year out, a sign of a true leader.

Once Rolle left practice, Mundy was put in his place. Aaron Ross also saw some reps at safety as well. The safety position has depth, but with the defense being 31st in the league last year, the skill of that depth is very important.


Antrel Rolle himself stated today that this NOT a high ankle sprain and that he has no intentions of missing the season opener!