Giants: Week 1 Keys To The Game


Oct 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) makes a catch in the end zone in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Bryant was ruled out of bounds on the play. The Giants beat the Cowboys 29-24. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the 2nd year in a row, the New York Giants find themselves playing the Dallas Cowboys Week 1. If you remember, it wasn’t Dez, Witten, or Austin that beat the Giants week 1 last year, it was Kevin Ogletree.

This year there is no Ogletree to stop, so here is what the Giants should be focusing on week 1 of 2013:

1. Jason Witten

Remember week 8 last year? The man had 18 receptions which is now a record for TE’s. Antrel Rolle said that it won’t happen this year, and it better not. Have Williams guarding him each time he is in the game, bring a safety up, Fewell has to figure something out.

2. Make Miles Austin Beat You

The last person you want to see catching the ball tomorrow night is Dez Bryant. His big play ability is off the charts and figures to be a top 5 wide receiver this year. There is no doubt that Miles Austin has skill, but it is no where close to what Dez Bryant has. Make Miles Austin get open and beat you. If Dez Bryant is not a factor in this game, it will be a victory.

3. “I Like Big Butts”

“We’ve got bigger butts,” was the line from Perry Fewell this week as reported by Connor Orr of the Ledger. What Fewell meant by this was the new additions to the defensive tackle position should help against the run in a big way. The Giants now have to go out and prove it. Hold Murray and Co. to less than 100 yards.

4. Get Wilson Started Early

David Wilson will be trying to shake the pregame jitters right up until kick off. His second touch from the LOS week 1 last year was a fumble which landed him in the dog house for weeks. Now it is his backfield. He is the number one man. Get him started early and often.

5. Get Pressure On Romo

Defensive pressure was a huge let down last year. Huge dips in numbers and it seemed like it was because of QB’s throwing a lot quicker routes. With (hopefully) a better cornerback corps, the quick slants should not become open as often. However, Romo is dangerous out of the pocket as well. He can not only throw on the run, but has the speed to gain a few up field on his own.

I know for a fact these 5 are only pieces to a much larger puzzle for the Giants this week, what are your thoughts?