Sunday Big Day for Former Giants


This off season and pre season we kept track of where certain former Giants players landed in free agency.  Now we will see how they have performed for their new teams through week two.  It is sure to spark some conversation and disagreements with the teams choices, but there are more factors involved than pure stats.  Salary cap issues and other factors influenced the Giants thinking.

Ahmad Bradshaw whom the Giants would surely seem to miss at the current time had 15 rushes for 65 yards and a touchdown along with 3 catches for 19 yards.  Ahmad is coming off another injury as we all know and it will certainly be interesting to see how long he lasts and how his performance changes through out the season.

Chris Canty was credited with 2 tackles and 1 sack for the Ravens this week.  While the Ravens need Canty to help solidify their defense, the Ravens defense is a shell of what is was in the past.

Osi: Osi wearing his new number 50…got a gift tipped ball interception that he returned for a touchdown for the Falcons.  He was also credited with one tackle.

Martellus Bennett had the biggest day of all the former Giants.  Bennett had 10 receptions for 125 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Everything the Giants envisioned him capable of when he was here.  Now the question with Martellus will be can he continue to contribute.  In his history this game will be followed up by one with a few drops, missed blocks, and a few other unexplained mistakes.  We will see.