Week 5 Madden 25 Simulation


Michael Vick did it with both his arm and his legs on Sunday, racking up over 450 total yards and 3 TDs.

Each week during the season I will run a full simulation of the Giants game. All Madden, 15 minute quarters, injuries and depth charts up to date to the best of my ability. So with that said, here’s the Madden 25 Week 5 Recap:

Giants go down in an OT shootout 54-51, fall to 0-5

Just the match up alone told you how this game would be. The Eagles terrible pass defense, the Giants with a banged up secondary, the viewer knew this would be a high scoring affair. Unfortunately, the Giants were the first to fall in the shootout on Sunday.

Michael Vick owned the Giants once again with an almost flawless game. He not only threw for 311 yards, he also ran for 158 and 3 TDs. One touchdown came off of a 63 yard run in the 3rd.

Shady McCoy had himself a Madden type performance as well rushing for 286 and 2 TDs.

Bryce Brown came in for a few reps when McCoy needed a breather and he had himself a TD as well.

Prince and Trumaine McBride held Desean Jackson in check with only 6 receptions for 62 yards.

Now to the Giants, Eli Manning had himself a career day, throwing the ball 58 times. He completed 45 of these passes for 558 yards and 4 TDs, also had an interception early.

Nicks was the primary target for Eli, hauling in 12 catches for 221 yards and a TD.

Murphy Jr. came in when Cruz went down in the first half and made a name for himself with 113 yards and 1 TD.

Rueben Randle had 8 receptions for 70 yards, while Brandon Myers made himself available in the redzone with 2 TDs.

David Wilon had a very solid day with 102 yards and 2 TDs.

Both kickers were hard at work today. Josh Brown went 3 for 3 including a solid 50 yarder while Alex Henery went 4-5 including the game winner in OT. Henery had a chance to end the game from the 35 with 33 seconds remaining in regulation but he ended up missing the kick wide left.

Madden 25 is now 4-0, and apparently the only people, or program, that knew the Giants would be this bad. This game however, Madden should be right about the shootout. Everything tells me that points will be racked up on Sunday, I just hope it is the Giants that come out victorious.