NFL Trade Deadline….A Media Creation


OMG It’s Trade Deadline Day! Better Keep An Eye on the NEWS…

I decided to sit back the last couple of weeks – for one because I had a minor hospital stay and while writing blogs on prescription drugs could certainly be interesting (and I did consider it), I decided to pass – but also because there have been a number of interesting happenings over the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to make sure my opinions were sound.

That brings me to the topic of the media.  This last couple of weeks have been brutal, painful to watch, and a sign of the times.  It’s honestly driving me a little nuts watching the daily Hakeem Nicks stories or the ‘trade Adrian Peterson to the Giants for Tuck, Webster and Nicks’ projections from what used to be the most respected in sports news media.  And with the proliferation of social media – what can they do?  The respected names in media and others have to do anything they can to create buzz, create interest, and most of all, create CLICKS!  Because clicks (or eyeballs on stories) create ad revenue!  Ahaa!!!!

It makes me somewhat sad.  Think about it.  Back in the day, before we had SmartPhones in the locker room and on the sidelines, and Instagram off hours, news was… news.  But now everyone and their brother are creating buzz, and the readers’ eyeballs are not merely looking at the New York Times, or The Star Ledger, or The Daily News, or The New York Post.  Everyone is a reporter and everyone’s opinion becomes news to whoever will hear it!  So, the paid reporters of the world, with their story quotas and editors on their backs to make sure the content is interesting enough for the advertisers to BUY THEIR AD SPACE, have resorted to the ultra-creative.  Unfortunately it’s become quite tabloidish.

To be frank, I was thrilled to see a story from Ralph Vacchiano yesterday morning that I actually enjoyed!  This was informative – sharing how the Giants Defense has really come together to create teamwork and change.  After all, they have not allowed a touchdown in 10 quarters now.  Here’s the article:

It’s not to say that all the news is junk.  But it really hit a head for me with 97 articles about why Hakeem Nicks should be traded and why AP should come to the Giants (from the Vikings) in trade for 3 significant all-around contributors to our team.  With all due respect to Adrian Peterson – I’ll keep 88, 91 and 23!

And speaking of AP…

Have we NOT been in search of the next beast of a leader at Middle Linebacker since the other AP ended his career????  And I dare say —- he may have finally arrived!!!! (Please stay healthy young man)

Aside from just my own observations, in another article I read (excuse me for not remembering who wrote it so I am paraphrasing – I do devour just about everything that’s published), according to Spencer Paysinger (a smart player for whom I have a ton of respect), Jon Beason has (in just a few short weeks) “added more structure”.  If you recall, Antonio Pierce was not only a source of passion for the team at a critical defensive position, but he was an intelligent thinker and leader.

I read a comment Beason made (NY Post, Cannizaro): “I’m a big believer in if something’s wrong you fix it… If you go out and a certain result happens that’s not what you want then do something different.”  Sounds logical.  Of course, we know that doesn’t happen in football or in life as often as you might think, but they are sound words to live by.

And like #58 did so well before him, “Beason has been phenomenal; he’s something that we needed,” Giants safety (and my current pride of the Giants Defense) Antrel Rolle said. “We needed a voice from the linebacker position — the middle-linebacker position. We needed someone who was going to stand his ground, we needed someone who was going to get everyone lined up, make it real snappy, no BS-ing around, let’s get it right.’’

I’ve been waiting for someone to come along that could possibly help me to put the idea of Antonio Pierce into Giants lure.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved Chase.  But he was different. Jon Beason has only been here a few weeks, but in a very short time, he has connected quickly with the locker room, the community, and has delivered on game day.  If he can remain healthy, it certainly sounds as though he has found his home in blue, and we have quite possibly found our Middle Linebacker.

And one last thing.  There’s someone else I have to mention.  It’s been bothering me.  It’s about someone I have been religious about, but someone who I was starting to doubt 3 weeks ago – and I am going to admit it.  The quick, fix-it moves of the last few weeks, as a result of so many injuries: Brandon Jacobs, Jon Beason, Jon Conner and Peyton Hillis – took a man with guts, and man who has clearly done his homework.  I have to commend Jerry Reese for the mid-season maneuvers he has done on the fly.  These have been risky moves and unpopular moves – but they do seem to be working.  Good job Jerry Reese.

Just like my new Antrel Rolle #26 jersey that I started wearing right before the Vikings game.  “It’s not crazy if it works.”  So I’ll continue to do my part.  This guy must not have eaten his ‘QUEENO’ (quinoa) this week!

And one last thing.  No, I do not think there will be any trading of any Giants before the end of the day.

Bring on the RRRRRRRaiders!