Week 10 Madden 25 Simulation


Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Each week during the season I will run a full simulation of the Giants game. All Madden, 15 minute quarters, injuries and depth charts up to date to the best of my ability. So with that said, here’s the Madden 25 Week 10 Recap:

Eli Shines, Pryor Leaves, Giants Win 38-30

Eli shredded the banged up Oakland secondary, and the defense held when it needed to most bringing the Giants to 3-6 on the season.

Peyton Hillis finished the day with 20 carries for 89 yards and 1 TD.

  • Giants also used PLENTY of screen passes against the aggressive Raiders defense and Hillis racked up 87 yards on 9 receptions.

Eli threw 29-41 with 369 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. He was kept clean all game, not getting sacked once.

Receiving breakdown:

  • Nicks 6 for 93
  • Randle 5 for 83 and 1
  • Cruz 4 for 82 and 1
  • Myers 3 for 21
  • Connor 1 for 1 and 1
  • Jernigan 1 for 3 and 1

A note on the receiving stats, Nicks has still not found the endzone this season, killing fantasy owners.

Giants were a solid 5-5 in the redzone coming away with 4 TDs and 1 FG.

Terrelle Pryor left the game on a 3rd and 9 play with 11 minutes left to go in the 3rd on a sack. Jacquian Williams came around the outside and planted him, breaking his collarbone.

  • Before Pryor left he was 14-22 for 257 yards,  2 TD and 2 INT

Matt McGloin came in and did not look sharp, throwing 8-17 for 134, 0 TD and 1 INT.

Biggest receiving numbers:

  • Denarius moore 5 for 141 and 1
  • Jacoby ford 4 for 115 and 1

Rashad Jennings was held scoreless but ran for 98 yards on 23 carries

Jeremy Stewart had the rushing TD for the Raiders.

Oakland was only 50% in the redzone with 1 TD and a FG.


  • Beason led the way with 8 tackles.
  • Rolle, McBride (starter), and T2 all had an interceptions.
  • Jacquian Williams had 2 sacks in his start at outside linebacker.
  • Cullen Jenkins also had a sack.


Josh Brown was 1-1

Sebastian Janikowski was 3-3

Notes on this game. Terrelle Pryor had zero rushing yards, and while watching they didn’t even try to run an option play. A bit unrealistic. Jacobs got buried cause hes hurt. Computer didn’t even try to run Andre Brown.

A Giants win last week brought the Madden record to 7-1. First time Madden had the Giants winning, they won. Lets make it 2 for 2!