NFL Week 14: 4-Pack of Picks

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*This week’s column was produced by experienced bettor and sharp eye, Daniel Laxen*

It’s back to the grind after a tough Thanksgiving Day. I completely whiffed on the Packers, but got the over as my line was 49 at game time. (I gave 50 and that was a push) I missed the Dallas -9.5 game on a backdoor cover by the Raiders. The other games went OK. I split the game Indy vs. Tenn. Hit the Bears vs. Vikings under 49.5 and the under 48.5 Philly vs. the Cards. Then I missed the Rams getting 7.5…Last week going 3-4-1. Since I’ve been posting with Adam I’m still a healthy 12-6-1 Against the Spread. (ATS)

This week we actually start the playoffs as many teams will either further their chances or fail and become also rans for the Super Bowl tournament. There really is some awful football being played. There are very few GOOD teams and many more mediocre to BAD teams chasing down a couple spots. These weeks you really have to watch what teams are getting healthy and what teams are not getting a full complement of players capable of making the one or two plays required to win in today’s NFL.