Divisional Playoffs: Picks Against the Spread

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Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

*This write-up was produced by experienced bettor and sharp eye, Daniel Laxen*

Divisional Playoffs

Last week was a tough one. My selection of the Chiefs +1 looked like a sure winner when they went up by 28, as it appeared they would advance easily. Then the Colts got some Luck. Andrew Luck that is! I get a push, but feel as though I was kicked in the gut.

The over 53 in the Eagles vs. Saints was another head scratcher. Zero points in the first quarter was odd, and they still got to 50 points. I guess teams being tight could be the culprit, but good teams should never be tight.

The Bengals really failed me. I had the O/U, but how many interceptions can Andy Dalton throw? The game turned on a fumble by Giovani Bernard inside the five-yard line.

I lose with the Packers after getting the lead late. The best defense won the game. I took it on the chops! Last weekend I went 1-2-1, so I’ll try to get back on track this weekend.