Championship Weekend: Picks Against the Spread

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Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

*This write-up was produced by experienced bettor and sharp eye, Daniel Laxen*

Championship Weekend

There were no real surprises last week in the divisional round. I had the Colts advancing and took it on the chin for that. After last weekend I stand at 4-5-1 for the playoffs — unfortunately below the Mendoza line. We’ll try to correct that this weekend.

I would like to comment on one game quickly and how a single play/call can really change what is transpiring. As the third quarter played on, and the Patriots driving, the Colts appeared to stop the Patriots on 3rd down. The referees had swallowed the whistle most of the game and then flagged the colts for Pass Interference at the 7:12 mark of the third quarter. A field goal attempt without the actual holder is not guaranteed, but at that time would have given the Patriots a 24-15 lead instead of 29-15, not to mention some needed momentum with the stop. There is quite a difference in two-score leads from 11 points to 2 touchdowns. That effectively changed the game and how the Colts could proceed. Two more interceptions sealed the Colts fate…On to the AFC and NFC Championship Games.