NFL Mock Draft 2014: Top Half of Round 1

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Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

10. Detroit Lions
C.J. Mosley
ILB, Alabama

I am very unsure of this pick, but my heart and head love this guy.  The Detroit Lions have holes in their secondary, and could use some help at TE, WR and safety.  Still, no one else jumps off the page to me for Detroit more than Mosley.  Since their real strength is in the front-4, Mosley would be a welcome addition to a line backing corp. that lacks some pop.  There is also the other dynamic of having (2) C.J. Mosley’s on the field at the same time…  That’s right.  A 9 yr. veteran lineman out of Missouri already plays for the Detroit Lions and I’m sure that would be fun element for the broadcasters.