NFL Mock Draft 2014: Top Half of Round 1

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Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

5. Oakland Raiders
Jadeveon Clowney
DE, South Carolina

If only Al were still around to make this pick himself.  Seems fitting doesn’t it? The Oakland Raiders land the most athletic, explosive, unbelievable, yet highly questionable athlete in the top 5 picks of the 2014 NFL draft? Clowney emerged with his helmet lifting hit 2 seasons ago, which got him to the ESPY’s, which then thrust him into the spotlight this season.  Clowney tried to play through an injury in the beginning of the season which hurt his play.  There was talk about whether or not he had the explosiveness on every down.  Well… as the season went on and he got healthy he proved that he could make impact plays in droves.  Every offense he faces will have to adjust to defend against him.  Clowney will possibly be what the Raiders have failed to do so many times before and actually draft a fantastic, game changing player.