NFL Mock Draft 2014: Picks 17-32

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Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)
David Yankey
OG, Stanford

The Browns defense played very well last year with Ray Horton as their coordinator.  Even without Horton, they still have the talent to perform well.  The offense on the other hand was sub-par.  The emergence of both Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon is a great start and getting Jonny Manziel with their first pick in this year’s draft will give them the starting skill players they need to build around.  In order to make those guys successful, however, the Browns need to add some talent to their offensive line which has deteriorated over the last few seasons.  Yankey comes from a highly respected program in Stanford, which means he can adept to whatever scheme his new coaches will throw at him.  Offensive line is a position of smarts more than just brute strength and Yankey brings just that.