Eli Manning, Giants accused of selling fake memorabilia


Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants and Eli Manning are under heavy fire from the sports memorabilia industry. Collector Eric Inselberg has accused the Giants of creating and selling fake “game-worn” items. According to the New York Post, Manning’s helmet from Super Bowl XLII against New England is “one of dozens of fake items the football superstar and his Giants cohorts have created to fool fans and make money from collectors over the years”.

The lawsuit claims that Manning participated in the “hoax” to hold onto cherished items for his personal collection. Ironically, Inselberg was accused of selling fake game-worn jerseys three years ago, and subsequently indicted for memorabilia fraud. Charges against him were reportedly dropped in 2013.

Steiner Sports, who owns exclusive rights to Manning items, allegedly believed all game-worn pieces were legitimate before exposing them to consumers.

This Mike Francesa interview with uniform expert Dave Grob (2012) sums the issue up adequately: