“I was pretty much convinced [Peyton] was done.” – Eli


Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

According to a story on ESPN.com today, Eli Manning was convinced that his brother Peyton’s career would be derailed by the first neck surgery he had back in 2011. Given that that surgery was the first of three for the elder Manning, and that Peyton just had arguably the greatest QB season in NFL history, it’s actually a pretty remarkable comment. In the ESPN story, Eli is quoted as saying, “There was no way he could come back and play football. That first time he went and we were just throwing it in the backyard of our house. We’re throwing 15 yards away, and it was a lob. He couldn’t throw 15 yards on a line. It had no pop.” Think about that – going from barely being able to complete a 15 yard pass to a likely MVP and possible Super Bowl champion in under 3 years. I’ll be rooting for Peyton on Sunday because he might very well be the best quarterback I ever watch in my lifetime (not to mention the big brother of one of my favorite players) and I want to see him succeed. Whoever you’re rooting for, keep in mind that there’s always a possibility this is Peyton’s last game. Enjoy it while it lasts.