Super Bowl Sunday: Picks & Props

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Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There are a plethora of prop bet possibilities that accompany this game — if it’s action you want, action you shall have. Here’s a few:

15) What kind of hat will Bruno Mars wear during the halftime show? Fedora is a heavy favorite. You must bet $100 to win $66.

14) Will Richard Sherman get a taunting penalty? 4-1 yes.

13) The coin toss…Tails never fails!

12) Peyton Manning O/U 289 yards passing? He threw at least that many yards in 14 of 18 games this year.

11) Will the player to score the 1st TD have a jersy number over 79.5? Even.

10) Will either team score exactly 2 points for the entire game? 2500-1

9) Will Wilson’s 1st pass be an INT? 12-1

8) Will Manning’s 1st pass be an INT? 10-1

7)Will Knowshawn Moreno cry during the national anthem? 3-2

6) Will Percy Harvin leave the game with an injury? 3-1

5) Will Wes Welker drop a pass? Even

4) Overtime? 13-2

3) Power Outage? 20-1

2) Will the announcers say the word marijuana? 7-2

1) Will any member of the red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless on stage? Even

Where do they dream up some of this? I’ll take a stab and say this game will go into overtime at nearly 7-1. The last time an NFL championship was decided in overtime it was in New York at the Polo Grounds. History repeats only in New Jersey!