Giants longshot to break seal on 2014 in Seattle


Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As one of eight scheduled road opponents for Seattle in 2014-2015, the Giants are a potential candidate to take the field for the Thursday night NFL opener. However, to dream of such an encounter can indeed be characterized as wishful thinking.

New York television market or not, much of the bloom is off the Giants’ rose following the “rough on the eyes” 2013 on-field product. The league is all about enthralling, competitive matchups saturated with marquee names. Facts are facts — the G-men are hurting for star power, and staying competitive in a brutal road environment would be a tall order. Seattle disposed of a shorthanded Giants team 23-0 at MetLife Stadium this past December.

To further dim the odds, other road foes for the Seahawks include San Francisco, Denver, Green Bay and Dallas. In other words: Divisional arch-nemesis, Super Bowl rematch, Aaron Rodgers, America’s team or… “Eli Face”. What’s your pick?

We can expect to hear an official matchup from the NFL at the league meetings between March 23rd and 26th.