Hakeem Nicks signs with Jay-Z


Credit: Andrew Mills/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Giants free agent wideout Hakeem Nicks recently signed with Roc Nation Sports, the nascent sports management agency founded by rapper Jay-Z. He follows other big-name New York athletes Victor Cruz and Robinson Cano, who have previously been represented by Roc Nation.

As for what this means from a contract standpoint, it’s probably not good. While Cruz re-signed with the Giants while being represented by Roc Nation, he did so only after a lengthy negotiation and eventually signed a very large contract. In short, a guy who’s looking to take a hometown discount probably doesn’t go searching for a new agent, and as we saw with Cano, Roc Nation doesn’t seem to value the New York market over high contract values elsewhere. You never know what’ll happen, but my money says Nicks is a goner.