Giants Quotables: Geoff Schwartz & Rashad Jennings


Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

If the Giants intend to return to a smash mouth brand of football, they’ve brought in two fitting characters early in free agency. Using the grading system of Pro Football Focus as our guide, Geoff Schwartz posted one negative run block game last season (-1.9), and that came against the Giants in week 4. In the case of Rashad Jennings, 452 of his 733 rushing yards came on power, downhill runs in between the tackles.

Earlier this week both Schwartz and Jennings sat down with Here’s a four-pack of key snippets from the interviews:

Schwartz on playing for the Giants organization

"“When I was a rookie, I almost didn’t get drafted and I was so excited to maybe become a Giant. Now, it finally happened. It’s one of those franchises where, when they come calling, you can’t really say no. I’m overjoyed. I think when I look back after I kind of get over the initial signing of the contract it’ll be such a pleasure.”"

Schwartz on his preferred utilization

"“I’m best at guard. I’ve played right guard lots in my career and I know that (Chris) Snee is still here, so I will be starting at left guard. I just feel more comfortable there. But I’ve played tackle, I started 11 games at tackle and played lots of other games at tackle, so I can do a lot of it. It’s just nice to be able to come into a place where they want you in a position and you can kind of go from there.”"

Jennings on his mindset entering a new franchise

"“I have the same attitude every year since college. Go in, earn the respect of my teammates and my coaches, lock down the playbook and go show my worth and earn a starting position. That’s my mentality every year and I look forward to being used however they see my talents fitting here.”"

Jennings on anticipated playbook adjustments 

"“I always tell people there are not too many ways you can run power, there are no too many ways you can run inside/outside zone. It’s just the terminology you’ve got to pick up, understand the flow, the chemistry of the system. That does take some time and that’s why we have OTAs. I am looking forward to it. But as far as going from playbook to playbook, it doesn’t phase you. You become a student of the game.”"