NFL Owners Meetings: 2014 Rule Changes


Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

With the final set of 2014 owners meetings reaching their conclusion on Wednesday, a handful of rule changes were announced by the NFL Competition Committee. Fans expecting a shock to the league’s system of operation will be disappointed, but powerful men finding common ground of any kind is a triumph.

Proposals that fell short

Pushing extra points back to the 25-yard line for the spirit of competition, a.k.a. the Bill Belichick dream rule. The NFL has agreed to test out XP’s from the 20-yard line in the opening two preseason contests.

Overall expansion of replay eligible plays, including personal foul penalties.

Proposals that won the day

Rule Proposal 9: referees will be permitted to consult with the NFL Department of Officiating during reviews, with intent to speed up the process and ensure more efficient decision making.

Fumbles within the field of play that don’t result in a turnover are now reviewable. e.g. the NaVorro Bowman recovery in the NFC Championship Game.

The goal posts were extended vertically by five yards to eliminate gray area on booming field goal attempts. This vote passed unanimously 32-0.

Touchdown celebrations involving goal post dunking have been axed.