NFL Schedule 2014: Full List of Primetime Games


Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

FYI: The NFL can now flex games into Sunday Night Football beginning in week 5. In past seasons this procedure could not be utilized until week 11. The league can flex a maximum of two games between weeks 5-10.

Below you can find the full schedule of NFL primetime contests for Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thanksgiving, plus the “London game”:

Thursday Night Football

Week 2:  Steelers at Ravens (CBS)

Week 3:  Buccaneers at Falcons (CBS)

Week 4:  Giants at Redskins (CBS)

Week 5:  Vikings at Packers (CBS)

Week 6: Colts at Texans (CBS)

Week 7: Jets at Pats (CBS)

Week 8: Chargers at Broncos (CBS)

Week 9: Saints at Panthers

Week 10: Browns at Bengals

Week 11: Bills at Dolphins

Week 12: Chiefs at Raiders

Week 14: Cowboys at Bears

Week 15: Cardinals at Rams

Week 16 (December 18th): Titans at Jaguars

Week 16 (December 20th): Chargers at 49ers or Eagles at Redskins (CBS)

Sunday Night Football

Thursday Kickoff Week 1: Packers at Seahawks

Week 1: Colts at Broncos

Week 2: Bears at 49ers

Week 3: Steelers at Panthers

Week 4: Saints at Cowboys

Week 5: Bengals at Patriots

Week 6: Giants at Eagles

Week 7: 49ers at Broncos

Week 8: Packers at Saints

Week 9: Ravens at Steelers

Week 10: Bears at Packers

Week 11: Patriots at Colts

Week 12: Cowboys at Giants

Week 13 (November 27th): Seahawks at 49ers

Week 13: Broncos at Chiefs

Week 14: Patriots at Chargers

Week 15: Cowboys at Eagles

Week 16: Seahawks at Cardinals

Week 17: TBA

Monday Night Football

Week 1: Giants at Lions

Week 2: Eagles at Colts

Week 3: Bears at Jets

Week 4: Patriots at Chiefs

Week 5: Seahawks at Redskins

Week 6: 49ers at Rams

Week 7: Texans at Steelers

Week 8: Redskins at Cowboys

Week 9: Colts at Giants

Week 10: Panthers at Eagles

Week 11: Steelers at Titans

Week 12: Ravens at Saints

Week 13: Dolphins at Jets

Week 14: Falcons at Packers

Week 15: Saints at Bears

Week 16: Broncos at Bengals

Week 17: No game

Thanksgiving (November 27th)

Bears at Lions

Eagles at Cowboys

Seahawks at 49ers

London Game at Wembley Stadium

Week 8: Lions versus Falcons