New York Giants: Strategic Approach to NFL Draft (Part I)

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Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

*Part one of a two-piece installment on potential Giants drafting strategies*

Only three days stand between teams and their potential collegiate additions, as the 2014 NFL Draft will commence on Thursday evening. Interesting for any team is their approach to the draft: Who are they targeting? What positions do they wish to address? Do they go talent upside or based on pure need? These are all questions that require the utmost research for those behind the reins of a team’s draft board, but it’s speculation at best for those on the outside.

Nothing characterizes the New York Giants more than the speculation aspect of outside sources predicting their moves. Countless times mock drafts have been drawn up only for Big Blue to go another direction. But alas, after what was an exciting free agency that saw them spend big bucks to add thirteen players and re-sign another six — what should happen now? Here are some notes of possible tactics they could adopt heading into May 8th:

1. Trading back to obtain various picks.

The Giants do not possess a thorough history of trading on draft day at all, with the last first round trade conducted being the move back to #32 overall in 2006 (Mathias Kiwanuka). Honestly, when it comes to trading, I cannot imagine them moving up unless it was for a potential franchise quarterback — as they did in 2004 for Eli Manning.

Until then, #10 remains and negates any chances of a trade up for a blue chip rookie like Clowney, Mack or Matthews.

What is most possible, however, is the potential for trading back. The Giants have made it clear that reloading this roster with talent is priority number one to contend immediately in 2014. Their draft approach could be very similar: providing another team outside the top-15 an opportunity to trade up, all the while stockpiling picks to further address the talent and depth that was nonexistent last season. A move like this could allow them to address the depth on the offensive line, add weapons for Eli and possibly find a running back to help ease the pain of the question mark that is David Wilson. And being that this draft is claimed to be the “deepest in a decade”, it may be a smart move that could bring multiple starters and high-ceiling players.