New York Giants: Strategic Approach to NFL Draft (Part I)

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2. Staying where they are, going offensive line in the first

The debate has lasted all offseason. Many prognosticators and writers have the Giants going OL in the first round to bolster what was an anemic group in front of Eli. Logically, the move is necessary to help both the passing and running games return to form. But after a free agency that saw the addition of four offensive linemen, some may think it doesn’t make sense to go after a tackle or guard as high as the 12th pick.

Regardless, the Giants never care what the outside mindset is, so they could add the best lineman on the board to upgrade this hurting spot. Taylor Lewan has been a long-attached tackle to the Giants with their first pick, but many are also high on Zack Martin, whose versatility and technique boast praise and value.

Whomever is chosen, the pick is still a safe one, clearly helping with a position group that suffered tremendously by injuries and a lack of chemistry. Free agency has done a good job of building line depth, but the left tackle spot is still a sketchy position at best with a underwhelming 2013 Will Beatty returning from a broken femur. Shuffling the line may be ideal, but in any case, adding another body would be a solid move for immediate and long-term success.