New York Giants: Strategic Approach to NFL Draft (Part II)

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6. Giants stay where they are and select BPA (best player available)

This is the traditional approach of the Jerry Reese led Giants. A strategy that involves looking at one’s draft board and simply taking the best rated player left, considering the talent first and the position/need secondary. It’s a bold strategy that often ignores what most consider glaring roster weaknesses, but panned out when the Giants selected Jason Pierre Paul, Prince Amukamara and, more recently, Justin Pugh.

It may not be what fans would want to hear, but if they simply add the best talent in their eyes regardless of position, they may end up with a more successful draft than with any of the other strategies/tactics listed; they would be acquiring the premium talent that could be attained at each pick, no matter what spot of the roster that may be.

Sometimes it’s simply stacking one position with tons of talent that can mask the holes in other spots. Take the Carolina Panthers, whose defense is considerably strong. Their bread and butter runs through the performance of the front seven, featuring a horribly weak secondary that played well with man coverage and the freedom to work as they wish because of the strong pressure the front would bring.

Again, it may not be the flashy moves that the fans want to see, but simply taking who they think is the best at each point may be the simplest and best approach to building the roster.