Shaq announces allegiance with the Giants


Who knew that the Giants’ first round draft pick, Odell Beckham Jr., had a superstar “uncle”. Well, it turns out that this “uncle” just so happens to be the NBA hall of famer Shaquille O’Neal.

Formerly a cowboys fan, Shaq declared his switch of favorite teams when the Giants drafted his nephew OBJ.

The allegiance runs far deeper than that, however, as Shaq also played for the LSU Tigers during his college basketball days when Odell Beckham Sr. was attending the university.

“[Odell Jr. would] run around Broussard Hall, he’d run around the track field, we’d play basketball in the dungeon (the windowless old practice court) in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center,” Odell Sr. recalled “Shaq would lift him up and dunk. Shaq was like his uncle, and still is.”

Maybe the blood root doesn’t actually run between these two guys, but blood doesn’t define family, and it sure seems that Shaq has actually been a part of Beckham Jr.’s childhood.