NFL suspends Giants’ Will Hill for six games


Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Following yet another failed drug test (third) in late April, the New York Daily News reported that a Giants source believed Will Hill was “done” with the organization.

Word from above came down today: the NFL suspended Hill for the opening six regular season games of 2014 for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Hill attempted to appeal the ruling, and in recent days rumors swirled that he could escape free of charge and avoid missing football games. That may have been wishful thinking.

” Should the team keep him, Giants Nation?” – Adam Ganeles

The Giants lack of immediate action on the issue meant they would respect the final decision of the league. The supremely talented safety will remain with the Giants — at least until his next judgement failure. Will Hill will also be a restricted free agent at season’s end. Should the team keep him, Giants Nation?

Will Hill was one the best free safeties in the NFL in 2013, grading out at #2 among all safeties by Pro Football Focus . He’s unheralded among fans, and often in the news for the wrong reasons — but there’s no denying his athleticism and innate aggression. He was born to play football.  Unfortunately, the Giants will only have his services available  for 10 games.

Who will step up? Stevie Brown is the likely candidate, but he’s a wounded warrior. What about the freshly acquired Quintin Demps? The former Kansas City Chief runs a 4.4 and has the look of an NFL safety (5’11 208 lbs). Perhaps the seven-year veteran Demps is an option to fill the hole (once again) created by Will Hill’s awful off the field decision making skills. Initially he was thought to be a special teamer extraordinaire. Now…the Giants may have to get their creative juices flowing.

Here’s something for yours. Presenting Quintin Demps… Will Hill would like to personally welcome you to opportunity. Welcome to the New York Giants, Quintin.

Credit: NFL Game Rewind (Week 5)