Giants QB Simms-ulator: Evaluating Ryan Nassib


Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Ryan Nassib era is upon us Giants’ Nation. Well… at least the era of Nassib as the backup quarterback to Eli Manning. Or so it would appear on paper. With Josh Freeman removed from the equation after just a month, the door couldn’t be more wide open for the former Syracuse standout. If Nassib can’t beat out an ailing Curtis Painter and journeyman Rusty Smith for the backup spot, then he’s not good enough to perform at this level; plain and simple.

A three-year starter for the Orange, Nassib completed 61% of his passes with a 67:27 TD to interception ratio. His howitzer arm, downfield shot taking and long ball prowess had scouts entertaining the possibility of him sneaking into round one of the 2013 NFL Draft. Heck, even one invisible year later he stills has fans around the league. NFL Draft analyst Russ Lande sent out this tweet early in May:

"“This week I had a higher up in NFL tell me none of this year’s QBs are as good as Nassib.”"

That’s a real tough sell… although the jury is still out at this stage of his career. Collegiate and preseason game tape reveal a few too many chinks in the armor – skittish in the pocket, sees ghosts , happy feet, easily rushed if initial read wasn’t free and struggled to identify linebackers in underneath coverage.

With an immaculate pocket, Nassib can make a wide array of throws and look like the second coming of Phil Simms himself. When the pocket is dirty with a snarling blitz package, his natural throwing gifts tend to shrivel up. The ability to stand tall at his full 6’2″ – 227 lb frame potential, surveying the field and keeping a cool head during duress are not Ryan’s strengths. He’s a good athlete Giants Nation, but he tends to use his mobility at the wrong times.

While Nassib opened OTA’s as the second string quarterback, ESPN New York still believes he’s in danger of getting cut. Name value aside, Nassib was a 4th round pick, and the Giants make a habit of utilizing only two QB’s. Nassib will need an improved showing during training camp and the preseason to curry favor among Giants’ brass. He looked like a CFL QB last preseason — albeit it was his introduction to the NFL ranks — completing 7 of 19 passes (37%) for 114 yards and took five sacks. That won’t do it this offseason.

Nassib has arm talent, which is one more appealing skill than Curtis Painter can boast. This decision will come down to the trust factor. If the Giants believe Nassib is mentally prepared to succeed in the NFL, he’ll win the job. If not… expect Curtis to “paint the fence” for one more season.

Final Simms-ulation?

Phil Simms threw 199’s TD’s in his NFL career. He also jogged in six more in a very Phil like fashion, with win. All win. Quite frankly, Phil Simms is a legendary career New York Giant. How does Ryan Nassib stack up against one of the new voices of Madden, Phil Simms?

Phil was taller, by about an inch at 6’3″. Ryan has about 10-15 lbs on Phil. Overall, this is a very similar frame for Simms-ulation purposes.

Now, is Ryan Nassib capable at the QB position, can he win the Giants a Super Bowl? Does he possess Phil Simms type win? These are questions Giants fans wonder about, no doubt. Let’s take a look at a couple plays from Ryan’s days at Syracuse:

Credit: JmpasqDraftjedi on YouTube

Credit: JmpasqDraftjedi on YouTube

Well, at least we know Ryan Nassib can score like Phil Simms at the collegiate level. That’s a little like Phil Simms and that’s key.

This has been the Giants QB Simms-ulator. See you next time when we put Eli Manning into the Giants QB Simms-ulator.