New York Giants Projected Depth Chart: Where the Rookies Fit In

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Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Fourth Round: Andre Williams – RB – Boston College

The Williams selection was a fantastic one considering the round. What’s indisputable is Williams is a tank of a runner, notching a 2,000-plus yard season and a Heisman nomination. Though his hands are questionable, he is a truly stout, old school runner that plows through defenders with authority like it’s the NFL of the ’60s.

His physical style will be highly valuable next to the versatile Rashad Jennings. But the question remains how David Wilson, Peyton Hillis and Michael Cox will all fit into this picture with the presence of Andre Williams. Now, Wilson may be cleared on June 4th for contact after an MRI to dictate his progress. That brings the Giants some speed, but he realistically may be limited despite the health clearance, thus, cutting into his snaps. Cox has not been an overly impressive player and Hillis is finally under a full offseason with the Giants, and looks significantly different physically. Year to year, no one knows what they will get with Hillis.

Credit: Aimal Arsalla on YouTube

What is certain to me is that Williams will at least be the third back. With Wilson’s health concerns, I do not believe he will obtain a significant amount of snaps as a precaution. That leaves Williams fighting Hillis for that number two spot, which he has a strong chance to win, although Hillis is much more polished in terms of his passing downs potential. This is allegedly a new fast-paced, three receiver, passing attack under McAdoo, which could make Hillis even more valuable. But that’s only on paper, and in recent years, Peyton Hillis has only had value on paper. Someone must step up, Giants Nation. Will it be Andre Williams? What do you think Big Blue?