New York Giants Projected Depth Chart: Where the Rookies Fit In

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Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sixth Round: Bennett Jackson – CB – Notre Dame

Jackson, a lifelong Giants fan and New Jersey native, had his dream come true. With the Giants, he joins a stacked secondary that will be very tough to get on the field with. But there is some hope for the former Irish corner.

Originally joining Notre Dame as a wide receiver, Jackson was eventually moved to corner when he showed a knack for tackling and defensive play on special teams, where he excelled as a gunner. As a corner, he played well, considering his lack of experience, and possesses good physical traits for the position at the pro level. His ceiling is high.

For now, Jackson can only hope he will beat out the lower tier cornerbacks on the roster, but he may see plenty of action considering his special teams ability is quality stuff. Having an exceptional gunner is something the Giants have benefited from massively in the past (IE the 2011 NFC Championship). I fully believe the Giants stacked this secondary as a means to protect themselves during the length of a hard season. Jackson will most likely be the number six corner, but a starting special teamer.

He’s a project with upside that can pay off when added to a loaded position group. He has ideal size for a cornerback, but does not have those unique traits that set him away from the NFL average. What Bennett has in full supply is potential. If he can prove himself on special teams, Jackson may be elevated in playing time and may have a real opportunity to make an impact in the NFL with the Jints.