NFL Entertainment: Eli and Peyton Manning Drop Hilarious New Video


Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Manning brothers are shutting down the rap game once again with their new summer single and video: “Fantasy Football Fantasy.”

Last year their “Football on Your Phone” music video created a splash, but this year they upped the ante with the funny, the random and the downright weird.

Here is the YouTube clip if you haven’t seen it yet:

I found it absolutely necessary to break down the best parts of the video with the corresponding lyrics. So here we go…

“Like catching a football that came from me, then opening it up and there’s nacho cheese.”

How the nachos inside the football remained intact is beyond me, but then again it doesn’t matter because there are nachos inside a football!

“…A shower that showers you in tiny footballs”

This does not sound pleasant at all.

“I make this car back up, back up, back up, back up, back up.”

This is Fantasy Football Fantasy inception.

“Like Chris Johnson giving you a Johnson-do”

If Johnson’s season doesn’t go that well for the Jets, it’s nice to know he has a career as a barber.

“While Broadway Joe and your mom make stew.”

I do not know of anything more disturbing than walking into a room and seeing the guy who did this touching on your mom while making stew. Get the hell off his mom Joe!

“…then the horse grows wings.”

Eli Manning just chilling with Pegasus.

“But then the music drops out, cause there’s no sound in space.”

According to this Northwestern University web page that looks like it was created in 1997:

"Sound travels in waves like light or heat does, but unlike them, sound travels by making molecules vibrate. So, in order for sound to travel, there has to be something with molecules for it to travel through. On Earth, sound travels to your ears by vibrating air molecules. In deep space, the large empty areas between stars and planets, there are no molecules to vibrate. There is no sound there."

Not only do the Mannings provide you with a hit song, they will give a science lesson in the process.

But my dad’s in space.”

Of course they couldn’t leave Archie out of the commercial, so they just shot him up into the stratosphere. Unlike his son he went a different route instead of flying horse.

This commercial was enjoyable on so many levels. Both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are great performers and have a comedic presence. As long as they are both in the league, I sure do hope this becomes an annual thing.