New York Giants: Jets QB Matt Simms Imitates Victor Cruz’s Salsa Dance


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what a New York Jets QB did yesterday was a comedic disaster.

In the fourth quarter, third-string Jets quarterback Matt Simms threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Greg Salas. After his touchdown toss, Simms proceeded to do an atrocious version of the Victor Cruz.

His attempt was so poor that referee John Parry just had to hang his head as he dropped the whistle from his mouth. Parry seemed to be embarrassed for Simms more than anything else, and rightfully so.

Simms’ salsa bonanza happened after the Giants’ Rueben Randle mocked the “Jet” celebration, that was made famous by ex-Jet Santonio Holmes, earlier in the game.


The rivalry will always exist between the two teams considering they play in the same stadium and are fighting for New York bragging rights. Although in this game there was obviously a sort of playful gamesmanship on both sides considering it is just another preseason game.

Organizers can call it the “MetLife Bowl,” but if you have third-string quarterbacks attempting a salsa, that’s how you know the game will not be taken too seriously.

Hey it’s better that Matt Simms does it than Desean Jackson.

His salsa imitation is not as fun or enjoyable for Giants fans to watch.