Can the New York Giants Be Fixed?

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Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Upon Further Review

Giants fans are on edge and justifiably so, but lets look at the glass half full for a second before we all go completely off the deep end and start calling for front office changes. Last night was possibly one of the worst matchups for the Giants going against Detroit’s outstanding front seven on defense against a Giants offense that is still a work in progress. Defensively the Giants were respectable against the pass despite playing too much zone and a poor pass rush, and the front was very stout against the run.

Things may not get much better next week against a similar Arizona Cardinals team in the Giants home opener, but looking at the Giants schedule, week 3 and going forward there are games that this team can win pending the return of Beckham and the offense has more time to practice and work out the kinks. The Giants may not have the best personnel for this offense, but Manning can make this work with time. So before we all spin into delirium, let’s give this team at least until October before we condemn them to mediocrity.

After all that is why they play sixteen games and the NFC East is as wide open as ever this season, so the Giants can certainly win this division. Remember, its only week 1, let’s all take a deep breath and and keep supporting Big Blue because I believe better days are coming for this team.