Special Teams: Why are the NY Giants so bad?


May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA;

Odell Beckham Jr.

(LSU) holds up a jersey after being selected as the number twelve overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to the New York Giants at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are 0-2, so it’s obvious that many aspects of the organization are not being run well. However, that fact doesn’t stop people in Giants Nation from asking the big brands in sports media their thoughts on specific faults of TEAM BLUE.

For instance, recently our writer Zac Andrews posed this question to the folks at the four letter in regards to their blue bird mailbag:

It’s a simple question, Dan Graziano, why are the special teams so bad? Of course Dan replied in his Twitter Mailbag story today:

"@DanGrazianoESPN: I think this is a more important than its simplicity makes it sound. The Giants have had issues on special teams — return and coverage — for a couple of years now, and to me it’s as strong an indication as any of the problems they’ve had in the draft. If you’re drafting well, you’re constantly filling your roster pipeline with talented players who are talented enough to contribute on special teams hustle-type plays while they’re hungrily working toward larger roles on offense or defense.If you’re not drafting well — and the Giants most definitely have not drafted well under GM Jerry Reese — I think special teams are an area where that really shows up, because the overall talent depth on your roster is not good and the middle- and back-of-the-roster guys on other teams are good enough to beat you on talent and physical traits alone. So to me, the answer to your question is that the Giants’ roster isn’t deep enough with talent and is filling those special teams roles with substandard players."

So after reading that tidbit, it seems that Dan Graziano feels that the Giants are bad on special teams because they haven’t drafted well. Therefore, they’ve had to find alternative means for filling their roster. And to Dan Graziano, that only allows the G-Men to fill their roster with substandard special teams pieces.

That’s a fair assessment, but I’d add that Odell Beckham Jr. and his hammy little hamstring are what hamstrung the special teams unit. Not having him out there in practice allowed the coverage unit to face lesser talent in practice. Having his spot preserved all camp along with Trindon Holliday in case they were ready mentally effected people like Preston Parker and Quentin Demps from being prepared. At least that’s one theory.

It’s easy to blame it all on drafting, but the Giants failed in FA too, Holliday wasn’t healthy and Demps looks to have fumble issues. Many fans blame Tom Quinn And Larry Izzo for the special teams woes and rightfully so. It’s their game plan and the game plan sucks, that falls on them.

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  • Overall, the Giants need to obviously improve on special teams, they can’t go back and re-draft the past seven years, so they have to find a more reasonable idea to turn things around.

    And the easiest way is to find a way to win. The Giants players need confidence that an 0-3 record will not supply. Beating the 2-0 Texans tomorrow will let the Giants get a taste of victory and allow them to reevaluate their efforts and chances all over the field. Special teams included.

    That said, there has been no bigger detriment to the New York Giants team in any phase than not having Odell Beckham Jr. available for the game plan. The offense has only the threat of Cruz, the defense has to continuously be on the field without first downs or touchdowns and the special teams is without special talent like OBJ provides.

    Nevertheless, this is the Giants situation and within Giants Nation no one cares about the “WHY’s” of losing, they only want reasons the Giants are not getting just the “W”. And for tomorrow, that’s the only letter that fans of Big Blue want to see. No “L’s” allowed.