Trash Talk: Giants vs Eagles


It’s rivalry week between two teams that have been playing since the ’30s. So there’s bound to be a little trash talk. On the blue bird, you’ll find exactly that as the Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Prince Amukamara had some fun at the Eagles expense.

Zero Championships…

Eagles fans are quick to point out that DRC has zero rings himself, but the joke remains anyway. The Philadephia Eagles, in all their storied glory, have never won it all. Well, never is subjective. The team does have: 1948, 1949 and 1960 to boast about. But not many teams boast about their championships from years prior to the NFL-AFL merger.

Besides, it’s much funnier to insinuate their trophy case is barren and empty. Filled with spiderwebs and janitor tears, perhaps.

This week, pride is on the line as the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants will do battle for the 165th time in football history. Over in Philly, they are putting up their own content on the rivalry. Check out this tweet, brought to our attention in this article titled, WATCH: Eagles video pokes fun at Giants fans:

It’s a video narrated by Bradley Cooper (of all people), and features a lot of footage of the Eagles making plays against the Giants. When and why Bradley Cooper became the official spokesmen of the Eagles, we don’t know. But it’s there, for all to see.

And — so is the trash talk. With all that said, who wins this game, Giants Nation?