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Sep 22, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; A New York Giants helmet lays on the field prior to the start of the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Giants Nation.

My name is Will Watts, I’m one of the Editor’s at GMENHQ.com and I’d like to personally thank you for stopping by our BIG BLUE site and headquarters. Around here, we do several things for the New York Football Giants fanbase, we write stories, craft posts, take questions with the enemy, answer all queries on Twitter @gmenhq, offer fantasy advice. Anything you need for your favorite team.

Our doors are always open for fans to come in and shout, “How about them Giants?”

Currently, there’s a state of depression with this team. It’s just been that type of year. First it was the Hall of Fame game, the Giants beat the Bills, they were 1-0, excitement was in the air even though the offense looked suspect. Four preseason games later the record was 5-0.

Caution everyone, it’s just the preseason.” ~ That was theme surrounding the Giants excellent exhibition winning streak.

Perhaps it was more like, “Who cares about the freakin’ preseason?” — nevertheless, the regular season started and the Giants got their butts handed to them by the Detroit Lions, 36-14. It looked like they were going to win game two, until the fourth quarter, when the Cardinals scored 15 unanswered points. The Giants lost 25-14.

So there it was, the season was in the dumps, the record was 0-2 and people weren’t thrilled with Ben McAdoo or his West Coast Offense. After all, he had five preseason games to prepare and the Giants only scored 28 points in two losses. Giants Nation was not a happy place.

Then something funny happened, the offense found its stride. BOOM! 30-17 victory over the previously undefeated Houston Texans. BAM! 45-14, the G-Men beat the Washington ________. Remember, Phil Simms wouldn’t utter that name, until he did, oops. BAP! 30-20, The Giants beat up on the Atlanta Falcons. Wow!

All hail the 3-2 Giants that just scored 105 points on offense in just three games.

Then it happened, queue the picture of the Press Your Luck, Whammy! The Giants talked trash all week, the Eagles did too, it was Sunday Night Football and the Giants were supposed to handle Chip Kelly and his cute little college offense. And for this particular paragraph, they did. The Giants beat the Eagles in their house 50,000,000 to 0, it was a total annihilation of the Dirty Birds, seriously, green feathers were everywhere.

Okay, we’re not going to fool anyone, you saw it. It was a massacre, the Giants fell to 3-3, scored zero points and lost about a million players due to injury. The Eagles squashed the Giants like the word without the “gi” syllable — ANTS. It was brutal, a young boy with a magnifying glass on a hot July day would have been easier on them.

Now for Giants Nation, the depression is back. It’s as if the 3-0 winning streak didn’t even happen. Victor Cruz is on the shelf for the year, no more salsa dancing in 2014, Trumaine McBride is also done for the season. Injured reserve, the reservation no one wants to make.

At GMEN HQ, we ask what now? What could you possibly want to talk about now? Should we go into detail about how the Giants are going to destroy the Dallas Cowboys Sunday afternoon. Would making some jokes at Tony Romo’s expense lift your spirits? Maybe we can bring up those old bathroom pics of Jerry Jones again, that’s always fun.

The bottom line is the NFL season goes on. At this point the Giants are 3-3, beat-up, but their season is still firmly in their control. Sure, the Eagles are 5-1 and the Cowboys are as well, but GMEN HQ would like to remind Giants Nation that the Eagles are in fact, the Eagles, and the Cowboys are apparently still the Cowboys.

What does that mean for Giants fans?

It means as always, those two teams will beat themselves and the Redskins might be one of the worst teams in football that does’t play in Oakland or Jacksonville as their home city. It means that LeBron James lost in the NBA Finals this year and everyone knows what that means in NYG. Yep, Super Bowl.

Let GMEN HQ remind you fans that you only won 10 games is 2007, and 9 games in 2011. In other words, inspire your football team to beat the snot out of the Cowboys, preferably snot bubbles. After all, they’re the freakin’ Cowboys and you’re the Giants. You fans know the Tony Romo drill, pressure him, he beats himself.

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  • Watching this season unfold as the Editor of GMEN HQ, I’ve witnessed this fanbase rise and fail, peak and valley, and now, crash and burn. But we ask why? Why the emotional roller coaster, why the doubt from game to game. You’re all Giants for the Football GODS sake. You’ve been to 20 league championships since 1925, you’ve won eight of them. Giants Nation, you’ve won two Super Bowls in the last seven years.

    Coming to GMEN HQ, I was proud to cover this team. To experience the ride as our team of writers at GMEN HQ narrated the New York Football Giants season. We are here through every touchdown, every fumble, every Eli Manning interception, all the highs and even the lows. GMEN HQ is here for Giants fans.

    For your entertainment, for your questions, for you to mock us, for you to ask, “WTF”. The NFL is entertainment and GMEN HQ loves it and we’re here for you to have some perspective on your season and hope for the Super Bowl.

    Reflect on your 2014 entire journey so far, Giants Nation. It’s not all just 27-0, it’s not all injuries and defeat. You’re in a valley now, but you’re the Giants, you’ll soon ride to the top of the Coaster again.

    Make sure to throw your hands up and enjoy the GIANT thrill.