MNF Questions with the Enemy: New York Giants vs. Indianapolis Colts


Aug 16, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) talks after the game with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


Andrew Luck first met Eli Manning at the Peyton Manning Passing Academy as an 8th grader. He’ll be looking to use those acquired skills and quarterbacking instincts to burn Eli on MNF. Luck won’t be short on motivation.

The NFL is a league dominated by “spots”, and in week 9, the Giants find themselves in a rough one. They catch a playoff-bound Colts team one week after allowing 51 points on the road. That was not reality, and you can be sure Indy was laser focused on the defensive side of the rock in lead up practices.

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  • These two teams last met in 2010, with the Giants getting blown out at Lucas Oil Stadium 38-14. Big Blue’s last victory over the Colts came way back in 2002 at the RCA Dome 44-27. Two linebackers, Brandon Short and Dhani Jones, both picked off Peyton Manning on that December day. Now, the teams face off again, this time short of Peyton and full of Luck instead with the Giants still manning the same old Manning at QB..

    Today at GMEN HQ, Evan Reller of Naptown’s Finest is here to provide realistic expectations for the 2014 version of the rare Giants/Colts showdown:

    1. One question that Giants fans wonder about with this game is the Peyton Manning factor towards both QB’s. With Eli Manning and Andrew Luck entering the league, which QB had the bigger Peyton Manning shadow to follow, his successor or his little brother?

    Naptown’s Finest: Following a legend is never easy but Luck is handling it awfully well. Asking Eli to live up to his brother’s legacy is impossible since Peyton is the greatest QB of all time.

    Eli is already out of his brothers shadow courtesy of having two Super Bowl rings (and against Peyton’s rival no less). Luck is doing a great job of living up to the expectations people had based on his college career. While Luck is doing things that are unbelievably impressive, it is sort of ho-hum in Indianapolis since the city has been spoiled with great QB play for 15 years.

    2. Where does Reggie Wayne fall in terms of the greatest NFL receivers of all-time and what will his impact be on the game tomorrow night with his injury status in “Probable” mode.

    Naptown’s Finest: Wayne is seventh all-time in receptions and ninth in yards. He will eventually end up in the Hall of Fame and his play with Luck proves that the Peyton effect isn’t what made Wayne great. What is crazy is that he isn’t even the greatest receiver in Colts history, Marvin Harrison is. It is possible that Wayne could top Harrison’s numbers in receptions and yards, but he’ll never touch Harrison’s touchdown numbers.

    As for Monday, Wayne said that he basically hurt his funny bone and lost his grip strength in his left hand. He sat out against the Steelers because he wasn’t 100-percent. He stated he’s good to go for Monday and gives the Colts their most reliable receiver. He doesn’t have great speed anymore but can still get open and make big catches.

    3. The Colts had won five games in a row, what happened against the Pittsburgh Steelers? Is their offense really that good, or did the Colts have a 51 point defensive meltdown?

    Naptown’s Finest: The defense completely fell apart as the schedule stopped being a cake walk. Ben Roethlisberger is one of the better QBs in the NFL, and the best the Colts had faced since Peyton. This defense can be exposed against a competent QB, especially when he has all day to throw.

    The reality is that the Steelers are not that good and the defense isn’t that bad. It was a perfect storm of bad game planning, a couple untimely injuries, and a pair of rough plays from the offense (directly responsible for nine points).

    The Colts are very good at bouncing back and I’d expect them to do so against the Giants this week and not cough up 51 points.

    4. Ahmad Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks are very familiar players to the Giants fanbase, what has their impact been with the Colts and how do you see them effecting the game on Monday Night Football?

    Naptown’s Finest: Bradshaw has been a beast in the red zone for the Colts this season. He’s tied for most receiving touchdowns at six (he had three with the Giants) and is clearly the team’s best running back.

    Nicks has been a huge disappointment. He doesn’t appear to be motivated and doesn’t try to get open. Against the Steelers, he was directly responsible for Luck’s pick six after running a sloppy curl route.

    Hopefully Nicks will be as motivated against the Giants Monday as he was during the preseason.

    5. Finally, who is the true star of the Colts defense and what is your final score prediction for this game?

    Naptown’s Finest: Vontae Davis is easily the Colts best defender and has been playing at an All-Pro level this season. He’ll likely take away the Giants best receiver or whoever the hot man appears to be.

    I predict a Colts win because Luck is 11-1 after a loss and this team is hungry after the blowout. They lost their edge during the five game winning streak and played lazily against the Steelers. They need momentum heading into the Bye Week and they’ll get it on Monday

    GIANT thanks to Naptown’s Finest for the expertise. Here’s to a competitive and injury free game on MNF. That said, Giants Nation, feel free to click on any of those above buttons to follow along with GMEN HQ on social media (especially Facebook) and be sure to check out our answers over at Naptown’s featuring our awesome staff writer, Anthony Valerio. Below is a link to the story for your convenience:

    Behind Enemy Lines: Colts at Giants Q&A