NFL Sunday: Matchups and Predictions


Oct 26, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; General view of the NFL logo on the goal post pad before the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Indianapolis Colts at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Giants Nation, welcome to NFL Sunday.

The New York Giants aren’t playing today, as they are preparing to do battle at home tomorrow night on Monday Night Football against the Indianapolis Colts and their blooming star quarterback, Andrew Luck.

For today, GMEN HQ is going to take a look at the docket of NFL Sunday matchups and offer a few predictions. As always, don’t rely solely on our advice for your gambling purposes. As it’s always best to do as much research as possible, while also utilizing your first initial betting instincts vs. taking internet advice from strangers.

Just click the links for the individual games and you’ll head over to the four letter for their game previews. First up, it’s the game of the Century (or maybe not), the Bucs at the Browns. Who wins?

"Tampa Bay at Cleveland1:00 PM FOXFirst Energy Stadium"

Well, this game is in Cleveland, so that’s an advantage for the Browns. But really, what’s surprising is that the Browns are a winning football team right now. They’re 4-3 and just won 3 out of their last four games.

Tampa Bay on the other hand, is 1-6 and near the bottom of the league in any category that matters. Let’s just say, it’s not the Bucs year. That doesn’t appear to change against the Browns despite the absence of TE Jordan Cameron. Normally the Browns are capable of losing in impressive fashion on any given Sunday. But this Bucs team is a special kind of terrible.

This past week, the Browns didn’t struggle too much with the abysmal Oakland Raiders and GMEN HQ doesn’t expect to see them work too hard in defeating the Buccaneers. This should be an easy victory for Cleveland.

Prediction: Browns 31 – Bucs 13

"Arizona at Dallas1:00 PM FOXAT&T Stadium"

Every Giants fan wants the Cowboys to lose again.

That’s no secret.

Against the Arizona Cardinals, another loss is a possibility. Especially if Tony Romo doesn’t play. Right now the Cowboys much-heralded-yet-somehow-unheralded-QB is listed as questionable. If Romo misses the game, the Cardinals chances of winning obviously skyrocket. But either way, these are a couple six-win teams that are going to put on an offensive show for fantasy football fans.

They’re in Dallas, so the Cowboys will have the homefield advantage, but what really matters here is that everyone outside of Cowboys fans wants Jerry Jones‘ team to lose. At GMEN HQ, that’s exactly what we’re going to predict will happen in a close game that Tony Romo eventually suits up for and loses anyway.

Prediction: Cardinals 34 – Cowboys 31

"Philadelphia at Houston1:00 PM FOXNRG Stadium"

This is another game that everyone in team BLUE will be watching closely. Giants fan despise the Eagles and they legitimately want them to lose every game for the rest of the team’s history, starting with this one.

Currently the Texans are coming off a win, while the Eagles are still reeling from their close loss to the Cardinals last Sunday. J.J. Watt will be a factor in this game if he can break through the Eagles line and cause havoc, potentially creating turnovers. IF that happens, then the Texans will have a good shot to win this game. Especially if the Texans offense can continue to rush Arian Foster effectively against the Eagles 21st ranked rush defense.

With Nick Foles under center, the Eagles have yet to lose back-to-back games. It sounds great to declare Houston the winner, but in reality, the Eagles offense will probably be too much for Watt and company as the Eagles should get the W in a predicted sloppy game.

Prediction: Eagles 21 – Texans 14

"NY Jets at Kansas City1:00 PM CBSArrowhead Stadium"

Most New York Giants fans don’t like the Jets, but it’s hard to feel much of anything for them this year but sympathy. The team looks awful, it’s obvious Rex Ryan has overstayed his welcome by a few years and now they’re heading to Arrowhead to take on a Chiefs team that’s playing decent football.

For this game, it appears Michael Vick will get the start. It shouldn’t matter though, the Jets have only won one game this season and win number two doesn’t look to be coming this week. They’ve only covered the spread once as well… We predict the Chiefs roll as Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis continue to plow through the league impressively each week.

Prediction: Chiefs 27 – Jets 15

"Jacksonville at Cincinnati1:00 PM CBSPaul Brown Stadium"

Another ugly game, the Bengals at the Jaguars. Jacksonville is another team with only one victory all season. GMEN HQ doesn’t expect the Bengals to break a sweat beating up the Jaguars, the team is awful.

Blake Bortles has made some interesting plays and has some weapons that can occasionally get a first down or even score once and awhile. However, the Bengals offense, even without Giovani Bernard should easily out gun what the Jaguars are trying to piece together and call a game plan. Cincinnati wins.

Prediction: Bengals 38 – Jaguars 10

"San Diego at Miami1:00 PM CBSSun Life Stadium"

The Dolphins have won two straight and are playing at home. The Chargers have lost two straight and are playing on the road.

At first glance, it seems as though this is an opportunity for Philip Rivers and the Chargers to go on a three game losing streak. That said, the Dolphins last three wins were against Chicago, Oakland and Jacksonville. The who’s-who of losing NFL teams not named the Jets. Sure, the Bears have won three games, but they also just had 51 points scored on them… so yeah, they’re great.

With the Chargers, they lost a couple division games on a short week. Rivers is pissed and that team is currently fired up, it’s hard to see a scenario (even in Miami) where the Dolphins come out on top in this game regardless of a solid effort from Miami. Mike McCoy and the Chargers get that offense rolling again, Chargers win as an underdog.

Prediction: Chargers 38 – Dolphins 27

"Washington at Minnesota1:00 PM FOXTCF Bank Stadium"

Last week, the Redskins did the Giants a favor by beating the Dallas Cowboys in overtime. It was a big win for a team being quarterbacked by Colt McCoy… but the Redskins aren’t alone in the big win category for a team that was falling apart. The Vikings also had an overtime victory last week, only theirs was against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Given that information, you have to go with the more impressive victory. After all, the Cowboys are a winning record football team, while the Bucs are held together by duct tape, misery and sandbags. Keeping that in mind, you have to go with the Redskins again in this contest, making the NFC East race all the more intriguing.

Prediction: Redskins 29 – Vikings 22

"St. Louis at San Francisco4:05 PM FOXLevi’s Stadium"

A couple weeks ago, the Rams had a shocking victory over the Seahawks, but then they acted like it never happened against the Chiefs last week.

Nothing in that Kansas City game led GMEN HQ to believe that the St. Louis Rams will show up for this game. Their offensive line is in flux, their QB is quaint and uninspirational, and it’s not likely he’s going to compete with Colin Kaepernick the way he did with Russell Wilson. That was a game where not only did the Rams catch the Seahawks off-guard, but also Seattle was having its own turmoil.

Playing in San Francisco, the 49ers are going to be ready. They just came off a bye week after being shellacked by the Denver Broncos 42-17. With that out there, it’s hard to envision this 49ers team not being ready for Jeff Fisher and his youthful Austin Davis led team. 49ers win big.

Prediction: 49ers 36 – Rams 17

"Denver at New England4:25 PM CBSGillette Stadium"

This is one for the ages that everyone will talk about. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. It will no doubt be discussed as these are two of the great QB’s of this era of pigskin.

Breaking down this game is unnecessary as it will literally be beaten to death in the media, before, after and during the game. That said, in terms of predictions, GMEN HQ is going to have to roll with the Patriots. It won’t be the popular pick, but when Gronk and Tom are on, they’re hard to beat, and right now, they’re playing as well as anyone in the NFL.

With that idea combined with the Broncos running back injury woes, it’s easy to see the Pats getting the W at the end of the fourth quarter in a nail biter.

Prediction: Patriots 32 – Broncos 31

"Oakland at Seattle4:25 PM CBSCentury Link Field"

The Seahawks are having their issues. The defending world champs are only 4-3 and they have no choice but to beat Oakland in order to get back in the NFC West race where the Arizona Cardinals have a commanding early lead. The 49ers are also 4-3, so the Seahawks can’t afford to drop one to the worst team in the NFL.

It doesn’t seem like the Seahawks have anything to worry about with the Raiders, but this is a team that just lost to the Rams recently, so anything is possible. Nevertheless, logic and common sense points with a GIANT finger towards a Seahawks win.

The Raiders have only scored more than 14 points once this season when they scored 28 on the San Diego Chargers defense. They are winless and truly terrible, the Raiders are an easy team to hate, but even their biggest haters can only leer at them and kind of shake their head. Just win, baby! was a long time ago. Seahawks win.

Prediction: Seahawks 24 – Raiders 9

"Baltimore at Pittsburgh8:30 PM NBCHeinz Field"

For your Sunday night game, the NFL looks to the AFC North. As it’s the five win Steelers against the five win Ravens and it should be a great game. The Steelers are coming off two straight wins, while the Ravens just lost a close one to the Bengals.

Big Ben Roethlisberger is throwing the ball very well as the Steelers quietly have a top-10 offense. For the Ravens, life without Ray Rice on offense has been all about Justin Forsett and Steve Smith, who have combined for well over 1,000 yards and several touchdowns.

Both of these teams can move the ball and score at will. In the end for GMEN HQ in the prediction, it will come down to the D and this is where the Ravens have a slight edge in rush defense — and if they can slow Le’Veon Bell, they should win the game.

Of all the games in this NFL Sunday docket, this one is the hardest to call, but with that stout defense and recent divisional loss on their minds, we predict the Ravens win a close one that may even end up in OT.

Prediction: Ravens 26 – Steelers 25

Thanks for joining GMEN HQ to discuss today’s NFL Sunday matchups. Be sure to check back with us as we prepare for the New York Football Giants big game tomorrow night. Enjoy your day of pigskin, beer and gridiron bliss.

Tomorrow night, the GIANTS take the field.