New York Giants: Do fans still believe?


Oct 5, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants fans tailgate prior to the game against the Atlanta Falcons at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Fan means fanatic.

And New York Giants fans in particular can definitely be fanatical. Especially during a losing season, because losing and not getting your way makes human beings really angry. Has your team ever ran a draw play on a vital 3rd and long situation in enemy territory? GIANT infuriation.

Have they ever lost in the closing seconds when you thought they were going to win. It’s madness, blind rage will shoot out of every opening in your body. Your mind will become consumed with questions of “WHY?” And, there may exist a whole entire list of things that could be added to that question, such as:

  1. Why didn’t you pass?
  2. Why can’t you win?
  3. Why won’t you do what you need to do?
  4. Why do you suck?
  5. Why do you hate winning?
  6. Why do undervalue making your fans happy?
  7. Why do you love losing?
  8. Why won’t you give me what I want?

That’s eight solid “WHY” questions, but that last one is where the fanatics come to play. People, fans especially, want what they want, when they want it. Often times people invoke religion into the situation. For instance: Please GOD, let them make this field goal! Can easily be translated to:

"Please GOD, just this once, let me have what I want."

There’s your fun, Giants Nation. Football is a game with 32 teams and one winner each year. This is something New York Giants fanatics know very well, as their team has won the Super Bowl twice in the past seven seasons. That’s millions of fans all over the globe getting what they wanted and in some cases, what they prayed for.

That’s awesome.

But it’s also not for everyone, every year. Right Philadelphia fans? Right.

This season, the G-Men are 3-6 and full of injury and loss. They’ve struggled to win, they’ve battled player retirement, and they’ve not been a consistent NFL franchise on Sunday’s in 2014. It’s frustrating for a fanbase that loves to be on top of National Football League in terms of being a clutch team.

If the organization wants that reputation back, it’ll have to start this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers by getting a win. Scratching and clawing its way back out of the dumpster fire that was the last three weeks of New York Giants football.

And — the Giants don’t have to achieve the victory through fanatical delusion alone. No, no, no… the team may be getting back an actual weapon when and IF Rashad Jennings makes his comeback against the 49ers. Which would be huge, because the Giants running game has been non-existent since the teams three game winning streak ended — in what seems like a different season.

Fan means fanatic.

And that means this weekend will be tough for New York Giants fans, the season already feels over. If the team can’t muster up the guts to get a GIANT win this Sunday, fanatics will do what fanatics do and GMEN HQ will leave it to you to determine just what that means for NYG.