New York Giants: Eli Manning 2015 Projection


Eli Manning will almost undoubtedly be the New York Giants starting quarterback in 2015. Manning may be inconsistent between games but over the seasons he is fairly for the most part actually consistent. He has thrown over 200 touchdowns in 9 seasons and continues to give the Giants the best percentage to win.

Now on the flipside, Manning has thrown at least 10 interceptions in every season except his rookie season in which he did not start the full year. While Manning has broken 4,000 yards before with ease, his average performance is around 3,600 yards. What should fans expect out of him for next season?

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Manning will be the same old Eli in 2015, a dependable veteran that can heat up at any time. It might not be as often as many would like but when he’s on fire, everything else on the Giants’ offense becomes a true force to reckon with.

Considering everything, he is a professional and as such he works constantly on his craft. Manning is what he is at this point though.

He is an interception prone quarterback that is otherwise pretty darn dependable. Next season, we can expect 3,600 yards 25 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions in 2015. The real question is what the offense will look like around him.

Victor Cruz will give Eli much help next season. I think the most ideal situation is to find another stud wide receiver to play on the outside so Cruz can play in the slot. Manning has proven that if he is given the proper talent around him he can tear defenses up. I also think the Giants need to get better at running the football, which helps any quarterback set the tempo of the game

Overall, Manning will be what he always has been. He is pretty good and sometimes can be great. He may be mistake prone but it’s up to the Giants if they want to surround him with better talent to really get the most out of him.