2015 NFL Draft Profile: RB Duke Johnson, Miami


How good was running back Duke Johnson last season with the University of Miami? 526 carries, 3,519 yards and 26 touchdowns, that was the rushing production of a man that screams star potential heading into the 2015 NFL Draft. 69 receptions, 719 yards and 4 touchdowns, this is Johnson’s production as a receiver out of the back field. Simply put, Johnson is a play maker that an offense can lean on.

Johnson plays the game big for a man who is 5′-9″ and 206 pounds. When he has a full head of steam, Johnson is a ferocious runner. You could not watch Miami play without being dazzled by his elusiveness. Johnson is a hard man to catch and he has surprising power when defenders get to him.

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Johnson is an intuitive runner. He is a down hill, full speed kind of running back. When he gets into the open field, he turns up an entirely different gear. Johnson averaged 6.6 yards a carry in his three year collegiate career.

There are running backs who will get you what you block for and than there are running backs like Johnson, who will pick up extra yards with his insane abilities.

Realistically, he will probably be a third-round draft selection. Running backs don’t really get taken much in the first round anymore. Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon will be taken before Johnson, as they are the do it all kind of running backs. Johnson will play more of a Reggie Bush/Darren Sproles role at the next level.

Johnson was a productive player in college and he will be productive in the NFL as well. The Giants have been looking for an explosive running back for a while now, and this could be their guy. In the middle of the second round or early third, Johnson will have tremendous value.

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