2015 NFL Draft Profile: QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon


Marcus Mariota brings new meaning to the word production from a quarterback perspective. He had 4,454 yards and 42 touchdown passes this past season. He was the best quarterback in college football, with a polish that Jameis Winston just does not have. Mariota has the potential to be an Aaron Rodgers like talent, he has that skillset. He just needs to go to the right situation and he will flourish.

Mariota does everything right from a mechanical approach, though he did not run a pro style offense with the Oregon Ducks. He needs to prove that he can take the snap from center and drop back smoothly at some point in his draft preparation. Though his mechanics in a shotgun set or a pistol formation are ahead of his years.

There are two signature qualities to his game. Mariota is a mobile quarterback, but he uses his legs primarily to extend plays, remaining a passer. While a guy like Winston runs because he does not go through his reads or for that matter get rid of the ball on time, Mariota scrambles efficiently and with purpose.

The second signature component to Mariota that is special is his ability to place passes where only the receivers can get it. This is why his completion percentage hovers in the high sixties. Mariota makes good reads, he can go through his progression and find the open receiver. When you combine this with his ability to extend plays and find deep completions down the field, its a lethal combination.

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  • Good accuracy
  • High football IQ
  • Extends plays but remains a passer
  • Quick throws, no wasted movement and seldom has a late throw
  • Trusts receivers to make plays, gives them a chance to go get it
  • Not a risk taker but not gun-shy
  • High character, good leader


  • Best fit is West Coast Offense, he has a good arm but the deep ball is not his best attribute. He has great touch on intermediate and short passes
  • Not accustomed to a pro style offense
  • Needs the right coach and the right situation

How this applies to the New York Giants:

Mariota is not going to be a New York Giant. I doubt that he would fall to the Giants at the 9th overall selection. It behooves the Giants if the quarterbacks go 1 and 2 in the 2015 NFL Draft as it would knock other top players down to the 9th selection.

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