Super Bowl 2015: Russell Wilson Will Earn His Elite QB Status As MVP


Russell Wilson has shown that he has what it takes to win under any circumstances. He may be the most underrated quarterback in the NFL. However, that will change when he beats the New England Patriots and wins the Super Bowl MVP award.

Wilson has not been given the proper credit that he deserves since the first day he started for the Seattle Seahawks. Critics claim that Wilson is an average quarterback surrounded by an elite squad.

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Those critics are right, Wilson has one of the greatest defenses of all-time to back him up. This doesn’t mean that he is any less of a quarterback.

What is so dangerous about him is that he is versatile, can move out of the pocket, throw on the run, or be a pocket passer. He is one of those rare quarterbacks that manages to score on a virtually failed play.

Wilson can silence critics by leading the Seahawks to a second consecutive Super Bowl win and in the process claiming the game’s MVP award. He has a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a distracted Patriots squad. The fearsome Seattle defense will be able to keep Wilson on the field enough to do some serious damage.

Look for Wilson to use his legs to defeat the Patriots. They have one of the better secondaries in the NFL, so the read-option and QB draw plays will be very critical in this game. Marshawn Lynch will also get a bulk of the carries to tire out the Patriots below-average running defense.

Overall, while many predict the Patriots to leave victorious, don’t expect Wilson to just let NFL history slip his hands so easily. Expect big things out of him as he once and for all proves that he will usher in a new dynasty of the NFL.

Super Bowl 2015 Projected Stats: 200 passing yards, 50 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 1 passing touchdown

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