Deflate Gate May Be Motivation New England Patriots Need


The New England Patriots have been buried in controversy over the infamous deflated football scandal. Many feel as if all the attention is going to hurt their chances in the Super Bowl. However, Tom Brady is one of the most competitive and passionate players in the NFL. He would only use this attention as motivation to prove that the Patriots’ season isn’t a fluke.

Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks are going into this game a little too confident. They have one of the best defenses in NFL history, but that may not mean much when they match up against one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history. The Patriots are one of the most difficult offenses to play against because they are multifaceted.

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Bill Belichick is a football genius, he’s not going to let something like this distract his team. If anything, he is just as motivated as Brady is to steamroll Seattle and make a statement.

Belichick is going to do anything he can to confuse the Seattle defense. You may see Julian Edelman throwing touchdown passes or Shane Vereen playing offensive line again.

The Patriots bring a very different aspect of football into this game. Seattle has to be on their toes for anything and everything Belichick throws at them. He has a whole bag of tricks just waiting.

Sherman was not afraid to weigh in on the Deflate Gate, nor is he afraid to say anything on his mind. What Sherman has to hope for is that he can back up all of his talking. This will be not be a cakewalk for the Seattle defense, make no mistake about it.

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