Super Bowl Predictions 2015: Projecting Top Offensive Performers


Super Bowl XLIX is going to be very similar to last years. A high powered New England Patriots offense versus a stout Seattle Seahawks defense. This game is going to come down to the wire and these three players will be the top offensive performers in the game.

Marshawn Lynch is a very interesting player. He is a leave it all out on the field kind of a guy, and that’s exactly what is going to happen. Lynch is most likely looking to take out all the stress he gets from the media and the NFL on the Patriots poor run defense. Since Seattle lacks a passing game, Lynch will get the call to carry the workload. He will shake off Patriots defenders left and right to run in for a beautiful 30 yard rushing touchdown.

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Prediction: 165 Rush Yards and one rushing touchdown.

Tom Brady knows that this may be one of his last chances to bring another Super Bowl back to New England. He is going to do everything he can to win. Brady is going to try to take advantage of the banged up secondary and challenge them.

He may even slip in a very rare rushing touchdown from anywhere within the five yard line. We all know how heated he can get, and in the moment he may think he can take on a Seahawks linebacker.

Prediction: 250 passing yards, one rushing touchdown, two passing touchdowns.

Julian Edelman emerged as one of the top receivers on the Patriots squad these past couple years. The Patriots are going to lean on the pass and Edelman is Brady’s go to guy. Knowing the Patriots, they always have one out of the ordinary play somewhere in the game. Edelman will be asked to throw yet another passing touchdown in this game, throwing Seattle totally off guard.

Prediction: 90 receiving yards, one receiving touchdown, one passing touchdown.

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