What The Outcome Of Super Bowl XLIX Means For Eli Manning


Tom Brady cemented his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all time. He has the most Super Bowl appearances by a quarterback and is tied for the most wins. However, there’s a big blemish on his career. The two Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning and the New York Giants. After the Seattle Seahawks blew the game, Manning became the only quarterback to never lose to Brady in the big game.

Tom Coughlin may be just as good as Bill Belichick. Even though Coughlin’s record doesn’t compare to Belichick’s, it takes a genius to beat a genius. Coughlin figured out how to beat the 16-0 New England Patriots, one of the greatest football teams ever. He managed to outsmart the big man himself, beating him a second time only a few years later.

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The question is, what does this mean for Manning? He beat who people are now calling the greatest quarterback to ever play twice. It must mean Manning is one the the greats himself then. It takes the best to beat the best.

The only people who seem to give Manning some credit are New Yorkers. He is highly criticized every season and never given enough credit by anyone in the NFL, analysts and fans included.

The outcome of Super Bowl XLIX speaks volumes for the Giants. Brady is 4-0 against some of the best quarterbacks of our generation. Donovan McNabb, Russell Wilson, Kurt Warner, and Jake Delhomme were all defeated by Brady.

Manning should be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks just based on the fact that he beat Brady twice in a clutch fashion. Manning and Coughlin deserve to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame talk for their accomplishments.

No matter what, Brady will always be better than Manning. That is without question. Manning just deserves a little more credit for what he has done over the years, instead of being criticized. Calling him above average is just down right crazy, average doesn’t defeat Brady twice.

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