Bill Parcells Time With New York Giants Still Impacts NFL


Bill Parcells won two Super Bowl championships, both with the New York Giants. Because of his unique coaching methods and his ever so successful coaching tree, his time as the Giants head coach, still impacts the NFL.

Parcells may actually be the most influential coach in NFL history; he is at least in the great company of Vince Lombardi, Don Shula and Bill Walsh historically. What makes the Parcells fingerprints remain on the game of football, is his legendary coaching tree.

Parcells had three of the league’s best coaches all work under him with the Giants. Bill Belichick just won his fourth Super Bowl. Tom Coughlin won two Super Bowls as the head coach of the Giants. Sean Payton is considered one of the brightest play callers in the game; the New Orleans Saints coach has a Super Bowl championship under his belt. That means that three head coaches that worked under Parcells have tallied seven Super Bowls.

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When you add the two Super Bowls that Parcells won as a head coach, that’s nine Super Bowls from this coaching tree. That is 18% of the 49 Super Bowls that the Parcells’ coaching tree has claimed. Try rewriting the history of the game without the “Big Tuna”, it cannot be done.

Parcells was a master motivator. He found a way to get the best out of his players, knowing which buttons to push, and when to push them. His crowning accomplishment as a head coach may have been his ability to control and fuel the great Lawrence Taylor.

Taylor was part of a revolution in football. He invoked fear into every offensive lineman, every quarterback and every offensive coordinator he ever played against. The 3-4 defense was at the time, nothing new but nothing conventional either. Taylor showed the value of a dominant pass rusher in the 3-4 defense.

Without Parcells, would Taylor have changed the game? Would he have been a Hall of Famer? Taylor was a once in a life time character with rare talent, and it was up to Parcells to show the world the good in him. Through Parcells and his incredible motivation with a keen vision for defensive football, the two sent shockwaves through the league. Now about half the league runs a 3-4 defense, or at least variations of it.

Parcells coached for the New England Patriots, the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys but it was his time with the Giants that is still impacting the game today.

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